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My name is Lukáš Zeman and I have been working in graphics and photography for over 20 years. I am the owner of the With a smile for you advertising group, which includes the graphic and internet studio E-SMILE, the photo studio Photo with a smile , the publishing house Books with a smile , The Printer with a smile and other small projects, so I will explain everything to you with practical examples.


Thanks to cooperation with NGOs, communities and schools, I discovered that people sometimes need to process some material themselves and they do not know how to do it or how to communicate with printers and graphic studios. Or they are not familiar with the concepts and issues of graphic. Therefore, the following trainings were created, which aim to educate employees of cities and municipalities and all kinds of institutions in the field of graphics, printing, photography and print data processing.


Since 2015, I have been teaching Graphic Design and Design and Photography at the private Secondary School of Tourism.


In 2018 I won the prestigious Czech Press Photo competition,
not only in the category of Nature, Science and the Environment, but also in general. In photography, I focus mainly on the topic of nature and animals, landscape photography and photography of architecture. Occasionally, production and filmmaking activities are also associated with photographic activities.

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