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About me

Lukáš Zeman, Patagonia, Chile, July 2022

I studied computer science at the University of Pardubice. After school, I founded the E-SMILE advertising studio, to which I eventually added the Printing House with a Smile (formerly the ARA printing house), the Foto studio with a smile and the publishing house Books with a Smile. In 2020, I included everything in one group called Smiling for You.

I have been involved in photography since childhood, then intensively with the advent of digital photography. Recently, I have been blending professional photography for customers with nature photography in my free time.

In 2018, I succeeded in the Czech Press Photo photography competition in the Nature, Science and Environment category, where I won first place, which I subsequently confirmed in the main part, as the winner of the entire Czech Press Photo year.


In 2019, I was placed among the finalists in the Self-Employed Person of the Year competition in the Pardubice Region.


Member of the Association of Professional Photographers of the Czech Republic (APF)

Czech Press Photo 2018

and Self-employed person of the year

Lukáš Zeman

Award-winning photos
  • Windsurfer Lake Garda, Windsurfer magazine

  • Orangutan mother with dying offspring, Czech Press Photo

  • This is mine - eagle, Czech Nature Photo

  • Orangutans, Nature magazine

Film production

Africa then and today

Mázhaus, Pardubice, 2022 (plan)


East Bohemian estate of the lords of Pernštejn
Green Gate, Pardubice, summer 2021 (plan)


Animals around us
Green Gate, Pardubice, summer 2020

Czech Press Photo
Old Town Hall, winter 2019


PVA, 2010

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