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2021-10-24 - 06.36.36 - Z6II - Výhled z Sandakphu - LZ6_1362.jpg

Photography course

This trip was supposed to take place already in the spring of 2020. On March 8, 2020, we went to Berlin to the Nepalese embassy for visas. The departure was planned for March 26, 2020. But then Friday, March 13, 2020 and the lockdown came and we didn't fly. When Nepal opened in the fall of 2021, we didn't hesitate, adjusted our travel plan and set off.


The journey was not easy, closed India, the ubiquitous COVID and the ending monsoon rains forced us to adjust our journey and plans more than once. You can see how everything happened in the filmRED PANDA TRIP and soon in the article!

Film a foto

A film from the road


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