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Principles of correct graphics

The training is also carried out online.

You will learn what the correct graphics of printed materials, web pages and electronic materials should look like. After the seminar, you can reveal low-quality graphics that do not pay attention to the basic rules. I will teach you how to properly prepare materials for graphic studios or how you can process the necessary printed matter yourself so that you do not have to be ashamed of them!

Graphic design

You will get acquainted with the basic concepts so that you can orient yourself in the field of graphics and design.

Colors and fonts

You will explain the meaning of colors and learn how to choose the right color and the appropriate font for a particular case.

Typographic rules

We will reveal the nooks and crannies of typographic rules and focus on the areas in which is often mistaken!


The start and end time is adjusted for each training individually according to current needs / demand.

09.00: Introduction to graphics

  • Let's talk about what design is, who is a graphic designer, what to expect at a set price and the like.


09.20: Search

  • Research is very important in graphics. Whether you are in the position of a graphic artist or a client, you need to know what you want to achieve. And this is what searches are for.


10.00: Colors and their meaning

  • Have you wondered what each color actually means? How does it affect people and their surroundings? How to choose the right color for your materials? How to combine colors correctly? You will learn all this in this section.


10.35: Scale and layout of the document

  • Have you heard the concept of the golden ratio? Do you know what the rules of composition are? Would you expect the laws of physics to apply to graphics? Did the printer mess up with you, whether you put a crash there or that it wants SRA3? We will reveal all these secrets in this section.


11.30: Font and its correct use

  • Typography is a science! But after explaining its basics and showing you how to choose the right font for your needs, it will definitely not come to you as a science.


12.00: Grammatical and typographic accuracy

  • Just as you dress nicely and pay attention to your appearance and your official communication, you need to make your materials look trustworthy and professional. In this section, we will focus on the most common both grammatical and, above all, typographical errors that can discard or even ridicule your products. Let's avoid it!


12.30: Clarity and simplification

  • A common mistake, not only for printed materials, is overpayment and lack of free space. Just as you need to breathe and have some free space around you, so your materials and products are no exception! Give them plenty of free space. Remember, there is power in simplicity!


13.00: Total vs. details

  • We will show that there is strength in the details as well. We will learn to perceive not only the overall scene, but also its individual parts, and we will find that with the right crop, we can significantly improve the bad photo at first glance.

I am interested in this training

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